Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ulta Nail Polishes, Again.

 - "Cocktail Waitress" by Ulta.

Does anyone know the true significance of painting your ring finger a different color?  I see it on blogs and I just kind of figured maybe it had something to do with love/marriage being your left hand ring finger would indicate marriage and what not.  I didn't just do my left though I opted to do both to match.
 - "Blue For You"  by Ulta.

I used the high shine top coat that came with these, I was excited to get that, I've never tried their top coat, I really liked it, one of my true test of a top coat for me is how long it takes to dry.  This dried pretty quickly.   It went on fairly smoothly, I mean you can see a few bubbles but overall I was happy with these two's applications.

Then my next test of the application and dry time is, okay whenever I do my nails I always have to go to the bathroom right afterwards, like clock work and that's almost always how I ruin my thumb nails.  But it was dry, it wasn't budging.  No matter what I seem to do afterwards it was good.  I was so happy.  Dear Ulta I love you, and these polishes, I must at some point get more from this line.
 - Please ignore my lack of clean up of my cuticles and ahem finger.  I'm always in a hurry to want to take the pictures.
- This pinky nail broke right the next day, so I guess it's gold I got the pictures taken.  R.I.P. Pinky Nail.


Anonymous said...

a) you are NEVER in too much of a hurry to clean that crap up. That looks AWFUL.. not to DOES one get their manicure so messy??? I usually paint my nails lying in bed (so as not to smudge when pulling up covers), and I don't get ANYTHING like this!! I could understand a LITTLE mess on your dominant hand, from being painted by your non dom, but that?? Geeze. b) thank GOD that pinky nail broke....are you a coke addict or something??? that looks like how homeless guys have one long nail so scoop and snort their drugs!!! Newsflash: you don't have "LONG" nails if its just ONE!!! Keep them all about the same length, be that short or long... yours are all over the place!

In short, that looks absolutely tragic. The colors are boring, and with so much shimmer the two-tone look ends up looking REALLY dated, and the mess and length issues are just toooo much. Maybe nail polish blogging should NOT be for you.

Unknown said...

I have to say... I truly admire you for not deleting "Anonymous"s comment - if you ask me, the only "UGLY" thing on this page is their mean-spirited, judgmental, hostile, angry comment - and no amount of nail polish can cover that kind of ugliness.

PLEASE keep practicing.. please keep blogging.. for those of us who aren't (like "Anonymous" must be..) God's Gift to nail blogging, it's actually nice to see other REAL, IMPERFECT PEOPLE like us out here.

My thoughts and prayers are with you, your mom, and your cats...

Shopping Addict said...

Thank you Steve. Yes, that commenter left me all sorts of nasty comments. I choose not to delete them since I certainly didn't do anything wrong or anything to deserve them. And it obviously comes from their own insecurities.

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