Monday, November 8, 2010

Wet N Wild Holiday Sets.

 - I finally found some of the Wet N Wild limited sets for the holidays.   I got:
Night Elf palette
Golden Goddess palette
I also got the Snow Brite palette in the below picture, I'm just missing one and its one of the ones I really wanted.  I hope I find it.
As for nail polish sets I got:

And I don't remember the other titles, I'm sorry, they're not in front of me atm but they're named after Reindeers.

I used one of my buy ten dollars save five, I have one of those left which I'll probably use when I hopefully find the other palette and some more of the nail polishes.

In a side note the nail polishes are just a bit smaller than their regular polishes, like 0.8oz's smaller.

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