Sunday, November 28, 2010

Face Candy Couture.

With Flash.
 -  First off say hello to the new kid on the block.  Face Candy Couture.  Or at least certainly new to me.

I thought it was a nice touch that she has the company name on the back of the envelope as well.  She also includes a business card.

The free samples I got were:
Fall, Sneaky, Mystery, Harvest Moon, and Raspberry Love.

Without Flash.
-  I seem to have gotten colors that are all fairly similar, but I seem to have a tendency to do that without meaning to.   I really need to try and be more conscience of that.

In the next post you'll get to see a few of these in action.

If you would also be interest in trying a few samples before buying go here: Face Candy Couture Samples.  You can also follow her on twitter or facebook via there.

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