Sunday, November 28, 2010

Face Candy Couture Look.

 - Okay so these first pictures are taken in my living room under the lamp.

I used Sneaky and Fall, I also used a highlighting color (from "Night Elf" by Wet N Wild since like you probably noticed from my previous post I didn't think to get a highlighting color.
 Then I used a eyeliner by Revlon Vital Radiance in Soft Espresso.  I also used my Elf Eyeshadow primer as well.

These went on nicely, had good staying power.   They're very pretty.  I like I like.  Can't wait to try some of the other colors.
 I did go a little overboard with the Fall maybe a little, but I have reasoning, maybe not good reasoning but reasoning nonetheless.
I managed to spill fall all over myself which made me sad because it was such a pretty color.  But I dropped the little ziplock and out it all went.  All over my white and red pj's hopefully it'll come out alright.
 But yes mucho sadness over the loss of Fall so I tried to make up for it by putting more on.  So that way in my head it didn't seem like such a sad waste.

But yes anyway, lovely products.  Everyone should give them a try.
 - These two pictures were taken in my bathroom, where one of the bulbs is one of those true sunlight whatever bulbs.  But I think it's honestly more off about the colors than my regular lamp.  This is the one that made those blues look black and silver.

- For fun this is just the mirror I like to use while I'm doing my make up.  It's just one I bought while I worked at Kohl's.  I decided to take a pic since it also managed to get shadow on it when it spilled.  There is quite a bit in those little ziplocks, on the site she says theres enough for at least one application but I'd say there's more like 3 or so at least.

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