Sunday, November 28, 2010

Black Friday!!!

 - Nivea Kiss Of Relief (from the dollar store)
- Nail polish remover since I'd just run out.
- Ulta mini polishes (don't have the names off hand) 2.99
- Ulta nail polish with high shine top coat, nail polish is "Cocktail Waitress".  3.99
- Ulta nail polish in "Blue For You" with high shine top coat too 3.99.
Hope I have those names right.
 - L.A. Colors nail polish in Transformer, from dollar store.
- NYC nail polish in Plaza Plumberry, 93 cents.
- Secret deorderant with mini spray of Wild Orchid.  4 something, I love it and the mini bottle, so cute.
- Burn Notice Season two 9.99.
- Burn Notice Season three 12.99.
 - Weeds Season 4 (not pictured because mom was watching it), 9.99.
- Weeds Season 5 9.99.
- House Season 5 12.99.
 - Julie & Julia - 5.99

I also got "My Sisters Keeper" which isn't pictured because I just got it today.  I was going to get it on Black Friday at Best Buy for 3.99 but the line wrapped around the store and I was only getting the one thing so I was like forget it.  But Borders was doing a three day Black Friday sale and I found the last copy of it there today randomly for 4.99 and so I got it yay.
 - The Blind Side 3.99.
- The Back-up Plan 9.00 (May or may not return it just because I thought it was 5 dollars and it wasn't.  It is a cute movie though.)

- Calypso Black Cherry Lemonade, so good.
- Burn Notice Season One - 9.99.
NYC nail polish in Purple Pizzazz Frost, 93 cents.

Okay and in the last picture, I just got the Reindeer piggy (or really Andrew got it for me) and that is my collection of piggy's, short one which was in the living room.

So what did everyone get?

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