Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Review Coming Soon For CSN Stores...

I will have a review coming up for CSN stores (a lovely woman named Caitlin asked me to do a review for them, yay, exciting, I feel special), if you aren't familiar with them they have 200+  stores, they seem to sell everything from, jewelry (lovely jewelry, see below for something I'm certainly eyeing), to counter stool, to some awesome boots, just about anything you can think of.

- This is one of the necklaces I'm eyeing, isn't it gorgeous.    If you adore it too, it's Skyline Silver Sterling Silver with Amethyst Celtic Necklace.

They also have the cutest pig necklace, but it's a child's necklace so the chain would be way too small for me unless I can put it on a different chain, I think I'll go take another look right now.   Exciting, jewelry is always exciting.

Beautiful things are love.

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