Monday, March 5, 2012

Project Day 10.

 - Today I wore Madd Style Cosmetics in Cocoa Puffs and Poison Berry I believe it was (Thank you Joe for my presents.) with the white from the palette.
This didn't photograph very well.

And I forgot to put on mascara before taking pictures, but I did afterwards.
 - I kind of changed my hair around a bit right now too.

I was testing the "ultra violet" out to see what it'd do over the green, I'm having some love/hate going on atm, idk what I want to do with it right now.
 - You can kind of see a new necklace I bought off ebay, I got the pendant for less than 2 dollars, with free shipping (from the states so it got here super fast), I love it.
- Here were my nails today too.
The majority of my nails are Spoiled "I Don't Drink Cheap Wine" and the ring finger is by Spoiled as well but it's "Bite Me".

In another note about my Project Pan, I haven't worn make up for nearly a week so I feel I'm not doing very well towards hitting pan since I've been so sick.  But I did finish off my shampoo now as well, so it joined the conditioner.  The next thing I'll probably finish is the lotion.  I'm pretty far down on the make up remover as well.


The Peach said...

Good job on getting things used! Love the polish color! Aren't makeup products actually hard to get used up when you aren't wearing them everyday?!

Shopping Addict said...

Peach, it certainly is harder to use it when you're not using any haha, I didn't use any make up again today but that's because I was being a face model for a Mary Kay thing tonight.

Thanks for the congrats on the finishing things, I'm pretty close to knocking out my lotion out, I'm tempted to just slather it on and finish it lol

Thanks on the polish compliments as well, I'm really loving the "I Don't Drink Cheap Wine" it's gorgeous!

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