Monday, March 19, 2012

Bright Pink Nails...

 - This is the polish I showed you in my last post.  It's SpaRitual "Knowledge Is Power", I really didn't think it'd be as bright as it is.   Certainly a summer polish, I feel I should be on a beach, not pumping gas like I was doing in some of these photos.
 - Inside no real lights on, just sun through the windows.
 - My camera phone couldn't even handle these.  And I'd forgotten my actual camera at home (plus it's dead atm, need to charge it.).

 - And this was taken pretty much in the dark but you could still tell how bright they were.

Plus these nails fit in perfectly to the "Totally 80's" challenge in NTMS I feel haha.
- Oh and this is a totally random note I found in a cart at Walgreens, I figure it's some employee's notes.  But they were too amusing, I couldn't not take a photo.

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