Saturday, March 10, 2012

Secret Leprechaun...

- In a Facebook group I'm in we did a Secret Leprechaun swap, and this was what I got:
Extra Gum
Sinful Green Ocean
Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet
Sally Hansen Punk Rock
NYC High Line Green
Sinful Olympia
A scrunchie with clovers.
Sally Hansen nail file
And a Turtle candy. 

Thank you so much Amanda (everyone should check out her blog btw.), love it all!


The Peach said...

What fun! All those green polishes look great!

Shopping Addict said...

I'm wearing the Punk Rock one (its in the middle) right now, it's pretty. Although I intend to switch them tonight. I certainly won't be without choices for a St. Paddy's day mani.

Wura Gold said...

The glittery polish looks lovely and the polka dot nail file is cute. I am now following you, please have a look at my blog comment and follow back if you'd like, I'd really appreciate it. :) xx

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