Thursday, March 15, 2012

Eyeshadow Storage...

- Got a new drawer liner, I am so in love with the pattern on it.

- This was mid process of organizing my eyeshadow drawers last night, my 3rd Melmer is all put together so I'm making one pretty much all for eyeshadows.   The one shown here on the right is for palettes, the left for singles.  I couldn't finish the left because I didn't have anymore dividers, and it's my older drawer you can see the old liner I had.

- This was how I left it last night, sorry my just the camera phone shot.
- The above shot was it after I added more dividers and tried to organize it up.   Looks like I'll either need to double up or start a 3rd drawer soon.  This also isn't all my shadows, my pigments aren't here nor my big palettes.

This drawer I just put together for now, with some newer lip stuff, I have like ten thousand lip glosses in other room this is kind of a just for now situation until my shadows need to take it over, but I thought maybe I'd get to use more of my newer glosses.

And then below is the shadows I took out and put into one of the purple drawers you see in this photo (pack of four at the dollar store) because these I will be depotting, I ordered a magnetic palette from TKB, as well as some stuff to press some shadows since I've been wanting to try.   I also have three palettes in mind I figure I'll depot too, 3 Maybelline's and one Covergirl.


Anonymous said...

OMG! That's a lot of makeup LOL!!!

Shopping Addict said...

Haha what can I say Amy, I do love me some eyeshadow lol

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