Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Inspired Make Up - Done By Joe.

 - I hung out with Joe today and she did my make up, in about half an hour, the fastest we've done it in awhile.

This look was inspired by this post: Bows And Curtseys: Wicked Wanderlust.   And if you've never looked at her blog, do so immediately, or well after you look at my post, she is amazing at what she does.

 She used her Manly 120 palette.   Jane Clubbing, a black out of one of her Kat Von D palette's.   And a Aromaleigh shadow in Celeste as well.  I think that was all of them.  Then a Maybelline Falsie's mascara.  And a black liner from ebay.

And I'm sorry this is a touch blurry, both I took were.

 - This is a new NYC gloss, called Liquid LipShine in Big Apple Spice.
 - I really loved this look.

- And one of me being a dork.


Sara said...

glad you like it :D

I think the key to fast application was having something to go from, and not messing up... once. We must try more of these inspired looks!

Sara said...

a link to the exact eye liner I ordered/used from ebay:

and a video by LisaFreemontStreet telling you how amazing it is:

Take A Peek...