Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nails Currently And Project Pan Update.

 - Just a couple camera phone shots (admittedly I seldom use this phone for a camera because it's not a very good one at all, but these didn't look too bad), this is Wet N Wild's Wet Cement which I'd meaning to try since I got it, and I love it.   The accent nail is Orly Star Spangled.
- Also Project Pan Update: I finished off a deodorant (even tho it wasn't on my original pan list I put it with my empties anyway) and the lotion from my list.  Yay!   Still haven't made any big dents on the palette or liner but admittedly I haven't worn a lot of make up lately.  I fail, I know.   Considering I think I only have a week left before my month mark.  Then I decide how I want to proceed.  And I also admit I haven't been perfect on my no buy, but I knew from the get go I wouldn't be.  But I do believe I have shopped less, so that's at least something.

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