Friday, March 23, 2012

Project Pan UPDATE - One Month.

- I'm just past my one month mark.   Here are my empties.  The deodorant wasn't on my original list but I finished it so I included it.

Here is my original entry with a photo of the products. CLICK.

I have another travel size shampoo I'm going to work on next and I have more samples to work on.   When I started working on the travel shampoos (why do they never give travel conditioner as samples half the time?) I started using a new Organix conditioner I wanted to try, so I might put a nice little dent in it too when I'm not clearing out samples.

I also came across a gel deodorant I had that'll expire in May so I'm working my way through that.   And for a hand lotion I'm using an EOS.

I haven't finished everything in this Project Pan, but I've got some good dents in the eye make up remover and the body wash.   And the EOS balm is just about gone, or getting close.   I was sick for a good part of this month and it's been hectic so I haven't worn a lot of make up this month so no big dent in the palette.   The eye primer is feeling emptier but I can't really tell entirely how far down it is.  Also I have been using quite a bit of the base coat I've been using.

I'm not sure how I want to proceed with my Project Pan.   And my partner has gone MIA, I hope she's okay.  I think I won't confine myself to the palette but I am going to keep working on some of the products like the base coat, make up remover, body wash, primer, mascara.   And I'm going to keep working on getting rid of whatever travel size hair stuff I have and samples.

I did not truly succeed with not buying anything, I did buy some make up, but I think I did better with not shopping, but now I need to stop, I need to stop as much as I can, truly.   Something bad has come up, which I think I will be posting about soon, I'm thinking of doing a fundraiser for it, which I'll share on here if I do, stay tuned.


The Peach said...

Keep up with it even if your partner isn't around! You are doing good! I hope whatever happened isn't too bad and that you are doing okay.

Shopping Addict said...

It's sadly pretty bad, looks really awful from my end, but I'll get something up about it soon.

I figure I'll keep working my way through stuff but I was going to remove the must use this palette restriction. But I'm totally going to keep trying to work my way through some of my stuff. And I need to stay on the no buy/try my damnedest not to buy anything at all.

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