Thursday, March 29, 2012

Purple And Golds...

 - This is another look with Joe we did yesterday.   It was a lot prettier in person (not that it isn't pretty here but it had more oomph in person.).
 - We used a lot of the purples I brought I think.   I know we used my VOV purple (It's a shadow off ebay but it's really amazing.), and I think a touch of Stila Amethyst but not much.  And my Loreal Infallible shadow in Perpetual Purple.  Then she also used some of her Manly 120 palette.  Her black liner (also from ebay), oh and some Aromaleigh.   Somehow in these last two looks I've entirely forgotten mascara.

Oh and Urban Decay primer.
 It looks like it's faded in the middle but what that is is the gold, for some reason it did not photograph right.

- I really hearted it.   But I feel like purples always work well for my eyes.

Also this is another inspired look, from this post: Bows And Curtseys: Parisian New Year.


Nail Designs xox said...

I looooooooove it :)

The Peach said...

A great look! Purples look beautiful on you!

Shopping Addict said...

Sonia: I do too <3

Peach: Thank you, I really do love purples, I wear them a lot.

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