Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cuticle Pusher.

- In the first picture you can see my normal cuticle pusher.  I lost it and I couldn't find any exactly like it at the store, so I perused eBay and ordered one. 

Then this arrived.

I think that's more of a weapon than a cuticle pusher.  But I also secretly think it looks awesome lol

Please ignore my random missing B key, I actually popped it off by accident with one of my nails typing and never was able to get it back on.  It makes me sad.


Peredita said...

It looks like a secret ninja weapon, lol.

I know how you feel...I've almost ripped off my keyboard keys with my nails a million times. Luckily they are still attached though.

Staci - Makeup Chic Blog said...

I ripped orr my control key and could never get it back on either

Shopping Addict said...

@Peredita: I know right, it seriously should just be a weapon, it amuses me to no end. I didn't realize how huge it was going to be, if I'd known I'd still have ordered it for amusement alone.

@Staci: Fail. The B key still works but it's awkward to type with it and use it.

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