Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pretty Combo, And A Bad Break...

- Orly Flirty and Sinful Slate. Love. Love.

I also have a little ghost on my thumb that I got from Sonia - I did take better pictures on my real camera.
- And my ring finger nail is epic. This is the last picture of my index finger nail.
Seriously perfect.  Why can't all my nails look like that?  WHY.
- Because then this happened when I had to pop the hood.

That is the longest my index finger has ever been (which is why I let my nails be uneven because I wanted to know how long it would get.) and the thought of cutting my ring finger atm makes me die a little inside.

And my day was already full of crappiness, fail.


funkiichiicka said...

Aw :(
I feel your pain X

Shopping Addict said...

Thanks *Smiles* it sucked.

♥beauxs mom said...

So pretty flirty looks nice with slate as an accent,
I'm so sad for your poor nail! I know what you mean I wanna cry when I break one and have to file the rest down to match.

Shopping Addict said...

<3 beauxs mom: Thank you, I really liked the combo too, although it did dawn on me I've done almost the same combo before but reversed and in different polishes lol

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