Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mary Kay Face Model.

So I mentioned in one of my other posts that I was going to go be a live face model for Mary Kay at one of their functions.   I didn't do a before photo, I meant to but I forgot, so here are some pictures I took mainly when I got home.

- This is the eye look, they didn't have us use any eyeshadow primers and I really wish they would have, since as you can see I'm starting to crease in this photo, plus all my lower liner is just gone, and traces are around the corner of my eye not looking cute. I will admit any liner will have issues with my water line but normally it's more like the corner of my eye will be missing liner, not all of it.

Side note: I think I'm the only girl who opt'd to wing her liner out.

- This is the lip look, this was after eating, I did lose my lipstick and gloss (but I took what I had of the gloss left and reapplied it right before these photos.), the gloss is what I did really like.

- I wore my cute necklace again yay, love it.

- I tried to get a shot showing the mascara which was a nice mascara, they did warn up we'd pretty much need their make up remover to get it off, and it did try to hang on like glue.

- After we were done with the make up at the function each of us was critiqued by the other women and Mary Kay representatives, the first thing they said about me was my lips, and how lovely they looked, I also heard that my skin looked much better and more even, as well as they liked my eye look.

- This was my make up look. Which consisted of:
Eyeshadow in Moonstone
Eyeshadow in Silver Satin
Eyeshadow in Sweet Plum (This was my favorite, I really liked it.)
Eyeliner in Black
Mascara in, I'm not positive which.

Foundation in Beige 3

Blush in Bold Berry

Lip Liner in Plum
Lipstick in Whipped Berries (This was nice too but I don't wear a lot of lipsticks.)
Lipgloss in Pink Luster (This is the one I bought, although Berry Tart looks really nice too.)

- This was a cute little mirror and palette they had too.

My Mary Kay Representative is Gail. She is a lovely woman, I just met with her today to get my lipgloss I ordered, as well as my free gift for doing the modeling.   Which I'll post photos of in another post since I haven't taken the pictures yet.   If you like anything you saw here or just are looking for a Mary Kay Representative you can shop online through her here.  And you can email her or call her through that url too, just look at the top of the page next to their logo.   And if you do decide to, be sure to tell her Andrea sent you lol

Side note, on the "My Free Offers" part of her page it does say: "Shop online and you’ll receive free shipping or personal delivery on your order. Now that makes shopping a beautiful thing."

There's also this, if you spend 40 dollars or more between now and the 15th you get free mini lip glosses (which was actually one of my free gifts for doing the modeling too): See.


The Peach said...

What fun! Moonstone has always been one of my favorite MK eyeshadows. Makes a great highlight shade. I have always like MK's eyeliners. And the new Timewise foundations are my go-to foundations!

Shopping Addict said...

Peach, I thought the liner went on really nice, no tugging, very creamy, with a primer it probably would have stayed and been utterly amazing. I took home what was left of mine so I'll have to try and give it another try.

I really loved that plum shadow shade I used, if I were to order one tomorrow that would be it.

Well if you don't have a set Mary Kay person you go through you could always shop through Gail on the link I listed, she was quite nice. And they have that nice deal going on for spending 40 dollars you get the mini glosses which are cute. I think the berry shade I was eyeing is in my minis (I really hope it is) so I can give it a try too.

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