Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Borghese Fango Active Mineral Micellar Cleansing Water And Radiance Facial Oil...

Borghese Fango Active Mineral Micellar Cleansing Water
30.00 dollars.
4.4oz (says on box, site differs).

Here is what their site says:
Fango Active Mineral Micellar Cleansing Water is a mineral-rich, extremely mild solution that cleanses. No rinsing required. 
It is Infused with skin-soothing ingredients such as Sweet Almond, Avocado and Grapeseed Oils to calm and nourish and contains Phospholipids and Hyaluronic Acid that soothes, moisturizes and leaves skin fresh and soft, without stripping or drying. 
Using Micellar technology, these gentle micro-particles act like a magnet to trap impurities, effectively and naturally cleansing skin while decongesting pores.
Removes make-up, and tones skin in a single, simple step.

I am in love with this stuff.  Removes makeup well, and is a toner at the same time?  What's not to love?  Also I am new to this Micellar technology but anything that is like a magnet to clean out my congested (amused at that term in regards to pores) pores I am a huge fan of.  No one has time for congested pores.  I certainly don't.

Borghese Fango Active Radiance Facial Oil
60.00 dollars.
1.00 fl oz.

Here is what the site says:
Fango Active Radiance Facial Oil is a blend of botanical oils that features Sweet Almond, Avocado and Grape Seed Oils to hydrate and protect.  
This product contains derivatives of Vitamins C, E and A and polyphenols – all of which are rich in anti-oxidants. 
Additional benefits include:
Transform skin’s texture
Soothes dull, dry skin
Helps nourish and restore lipid loss due to aging and environmental damage
Leaves skin truly hydrated, soft and luminous
Lightweight, fast-absorbing for a non-greasy after-feel
Improves the look of fine lines, elasticity, and radiance

First off I like the way this stuff smells.  Reading over what they have written I would agree that my skin prior was feeling very dull and dry.  I had been having dry patches like along my cheekbones, and this has helped with that and by doing that has also then helped transform my skin's texture, because dry skin isn't cute okay.  Pleased with this product currently.

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