Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sparkle Box - Avant Garde - June 2015.

Here is how the Sparkle Box looks when you pull it out of the purple mailer it came in.  Which was such a lovely shade of purple.

How this is presented is so sweet and chic.

This would also be so amazing as a gift for someone in your life, it even comes looking so perfect and professionally done.
Card was personalized which I love, it's the little touches I adore.
Here is the inside of the card telling everything that comes and that I got a Sparkle Box. 
 Cute tissue paper.
How the jewelry looks in the box, inside sheer organza bags.
The bags laid out.
The jewelry outside of the bags.  Keep going for the close ups.
The earrings.  I LOVE them - however, my ears are not pierced.  I think I am going to try and turn them into clip ons if I can.  But I think the colors are beautiful, kind of an oil slick in a way.

And to anyone else without pierced ears I did check and you can say in a comment that you do not have pierced ears so you don't have to worry about getting something you can't wear.  You can also choose your ring size and bracelet size which is awesome.

Here is the first necklace I got which is my favorite piece in the box.  I adore it and I think it'll become a go to every day kind of piece, it's so cute.
The tag that was on the lightening bolt necklace.  Love.
Close up of the statement necklace.
Showing the full necklace.

Now I did choose the Avant Garde box but there are seven styles of boxes to choose from, I love how much variety there is.  I was very torn between Avant Garde (which I did love) and Quirky/Handmade box, I think that one sounds really amazing too.  They all sound really nice.

It is a 19 dollar box, which does seem to include shipping as far as I can tell.

You can subscribe and see all the kinds of boxes HERE, which I suggest you do, cause it was a lot of fun to get.

In case you wanted a representation of the length of the necklace here is me wearing it.  I do like it.  I picture it with say a white tshirt and a leather jacket, that would look so amazing.

And if you follow me on Instagram you might have caught this photo too, I thought it just looked so cool that way, so did a lot of other people actually.

I also made a unboxing video of this, if you'd like to watch it, I'll include it below, I do adore any likes, comments, and new subbies.  Deeply appreciated.

I received this box to review.

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