Wednesday, November 9, 2011

30 Day Untried Challenge - Day 9 - Color Club Sugarplum Fairy...

- I got my monthly Amy package yesterday. OMG, I love it all! I'll try and get pics up tomorrow of what she so lovingly sent me. So until I do I'm spamming you with pictures today of this one.

- This is Color Club's Sugarplum Fairy. I'll give you a moment to be mesmerized...

- Um, angels are singing right now...

- As you can see I was still wearing my drag marble under it (well maybe you can't see but I was.) and once I saw it on my thumb, (I was just testing it...) I was like screw the drag marble hello Sugar Plum Fairies please dance all over my nails!!!

- Look at the sparkle...

- I'm so in love with it, I don't think I can change it tonight, I may even just add some more to cover up the blank spots since I only did one coat of it and for one coat I'd say it was certainly good coverage.

Side note, it is a dangerous polish to wear while driving, it was distracting me. When I first left the apartment it was ever so dreary which made me sad because I was so looking forward to seeing it in the sun, but then the sun finally came out, and other drivers were then in danger lol

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Anonymous said...

Well look how pretty!

Pretty and Polished Lady said...

This is a gorgeous polish! And I really want an amp now lol. Hi btw! Amy (your swap buddy) introduced me to your blog. I had no idea you were doing the 30 day challenge. I am so happy to meet you!

Shopping Addict said...

Thank you Amy - actually thank you times 2, no like times 5 since your the one who gave me the polish, love!!

Pretty And Polished Lady:
Thank you, I was so in love with it! So gorgeous. And an extra thank you to Amy for sending you my way. I am doing my best with the 30 day but one day I was late posting and if I don't get today up soon I will be again lol

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